Rethinking Retirement???

It's much harder for older workers to find jobs. Employers view them as harder to train, more expensive, more prone to illness, and less adaptable.
Two years ago, 6 folks retired from my SBU in Megacorp. They all had nice DB pension, etc.

5 of the 6 started other jobs - they clearly never developed "life outside work" and couldn't survive outside the work structure.

The one that "stayed retired" was the one that had a ton hobbies and volunteering interests for a long time.
Its very telling that the main stream media is now attempting to manipulate opinion to keep the woking stiffs on the job. Its a scare tactic at one level. I suspect it may also be driven by policy makers that do not like the looming prospect of a large, well educated number of people with time to freely read, view and react to policy issues by being independant of the daily work place. The rank and file have broken their chains to the corporate establishment and just may have some views they are willing to vote on or react to. Bottom line is this propaganda piece is an indication that keeping us all busy has social utility to those in power.

That's a radical idea! Informed voters. Media wants to keep 'em on cruise ships.
You left off the ending.

"Those who say 'I'll never work again' are making a major, major mistake. Because they're going to find themselves adrift, away from a community purpose and a bed."

Seriously, what a goof. Uttering the words "I'll never work again", is a major, no not major...a major major mistake?
I'd like to see what qualifies as a major major major mistake.

Here's the answer:
I find myself adrift from community purpose and a community sense.
I go back to work?

Wow, a major major mistake is corrected so quickly and easily. I wish I could do that with my major major investment mistakes...

The reality is that you either live by your choice, or the choice of someone else. What that choice is, is much less relevant.

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