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Andy R

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Site Team
Jan 31, 2007
Dallas, Tx
The server has been slow recently and we will be moving to a new server in the next 4 days.

Details (if you like information overload):
After getting some "not so great service" from the last data center where I kept servers I decided to move them to a new data center. This requires lots of logistics as the old servers cannot be taken off line until the site(s) are moved to the new facility but the servers are at the old building. So over the past few weeks I had to group up some sites a little tighter on the old servers so I could take some offline, ship them down and then move sites to the new data center. This crowding on the servers has caused some really slow times and I appologize for that, we are nearly in the clear.

Over the weekend I will be moving to a server at the new data center. I am not sure if it will be Saturday or Sunday night (I'll post the exact time and date ASAP once I see how the server are performing after tonights site moves).

Once we move over that will be the first step to a more robust setup. I am taking the time to put in an infrastructure that I have been [-]dreaming about[/-] designing for a long time. It will be load balanced and everything will be redundant. That means that [-]if[/-] when failure occur there should be limited or no downtime. There are still some single points of failure with things like our network switch to the internet but this will be a huge step forward.

I will post more ASAP.

Thanks for keeping us abreast of what is happening behind the scenes. It is helpful to know, and makes us understand what efforts you go to to keep this place running.
What Brewer said. Thanks for the heads-up and the extra info.
Thanks Andy. I have an appreciation for what you are doing. Good work!
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