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Jun 30, 2006
I don't know if you have control over this, but it would be nice if, when the user clicks on an attached image, the full-sized image would appear.

For example, to view this image


at full size (making the text easily readable):

  • I click on the 400-pixel wide image, which brings up a 495 pixel wide image.
  • I click on that image, which bring up a 691 pixel wide image
  • I click on that image so that Firefox will display the full 766 pixel wide image.
Why not take the user to the full-sized image sooner? He/she won't click on it unless willing to display a bigger image.

And the worst is that I'll bet that 90% of the forum users don't realize that they can increase the size further by clicking a second time.

I know I've brought this up before, but I thought I'd mention it once more.
Interesting, Al. When I click on it (in IE), I get a larger sized image in a Pop-Up that darkens the original page behind the image. When I click on that, I get a normal page showing only the enlarged image (same size as with first click). A "Page Back" manuever, then, brings me to the original screen.
Yes, it apparently depends on the size of your browser window. If your window is small, clicking on the image will actually give you a smaller version:

I guess I should have included Screen Shots -- these are from my Laptop, the desktop is busy:

When I click on the image the first time I get:

Dark Background.JPG

When I click on that image, I get:

Full Screen.JPG

From that point, my only option (other than closing the window) is "Page Back."
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