ER.Org Web Page Gets Hijacked


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Nov 20, 2009
It took me a while to realize this, but once a week or so and for the last month, and only when I am moving around within ER.Org, I get redirected to some other website. Often, they are for some fake anti-virus or anti-spyware program. One time, however, I also got a warning from my PC itself that the website I was being redirected to was a dangerous one and not to go there.

Sometimes, I can't simply X out of the website, so I have to go into Task Manager to shut down my browser that way. Anyone else having this problem?
Yes. Windows Defender, too. They come up clean.

My guess is that you have been cookied by some advertiser and this is the cause. You might try (in order):

Log out of the site
Clear out your cache and cookies
Restart your device

Log back in. :flowers:
I would agree that Janet's procedure should clear up the problem.
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