What do these links at bottom mean ?


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Dec 22, 2004
Down at the bottom of a thread are directional links - with the names of the threads.

I'm used to "Prev / Next" (the world is used to this too...)

Is the link on the left the same as "previous" - and is this the next thread down on the page of threads ?

Is the link on the right same as "next" - and is this the next thread up on the page of threads ?

In both cases, is it the next thread (whether or not you have read) ?

I ran some "tests"- and it did not seem to work consistently (or I've lost my mind). Thanks !

image .jpg
The item you picture navigates pages within the thread.

I don't immediately see a navigation button for moving to a different thread, except for the "similar threads" section at the end of the page which probably isn't useful for general navigation.
Thanks for reply - I was referrring to the links at the bottom center. Off to the right are nav links for pages within the thread.

For example at bottom of this page/thread (one page thread so far) you see "Threads still show up...". This is the previous thread. But in some cases it is not the previous thread (or, I've lost my mind).

The "perfect world" would have 4 links in the bottom center:
1. Next thread (top of thread)
2. First unread post in next thread
3. Previous thread (top of thread)
4. First unread post in previous thread

pic at bottom.jpg
Those links are to the top of previous thread (left link) and to the top of the next thread (right link). The system shows the titles of the thread so you know what the page is and if you want to go to that thread or not. In the example above, there is no right link as that is the most recent thread in the forum.

I will add notes about adding a link to the first unread post in the previous/next thread. I will let you know about that when I get time to look into adding that.
Oops, sorry DelawareDave...I didn't even notice the thread part until now.

I haven't tested, but I'm guessing part of the problem is that the threads move around relative to each other as new posts are added.
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