Car Expenses

I have to admit that I like that new car smell. I tried one of those air fresheners, but it was nothing like real new car smell. If there was one thing that you'd think they could duplicate with chemicals, it would be that.

Maybe I'll just stop by the dumpster by the carpet store and throw some scraps in the back seat.
Thanks so much for your kind replies. Now I see why I’m not retired yet, I over-estimate costs. I’m still working on my guesstimates and besides purchase (or lease) price, gas and insurance, would include the cost of:

toys for the car, like antenna ball
maintenance supplies like anti-freeze, touch
up paint, oil and filters
parking sticker from City for residents
rental space in a nearby parking garage
($350/mo, optional)
occasional meter and garage parking
parking tickets
speed trap tickets
vandalism: replacement or repair of
whatever was stolen, slashed or ruined
retrieving stolen car from impound lot:
police fee, exorbitant storage fees
occasional car wash
cost of pounding out dents from "guy in van"
occasional replacement of batteries,
tires, etc.
a couple of refresher driving lessons
a couple of new car manuals to learn what
has changed in 37 years since last car
was built (download for free?)
driver’s license fee (is this the only
cost that continues without car ownership?)

It’s no wonder that car-share companies are springing up near the $350/mo. parking garages. I’m wary that they might be like fly-by-night gyms that require one-year pre-paid memberships before disappearing mid-membership. On the up-side the car-share option might be good after R as there would be less demand on weekdays.

Thanks again, your posts make me want to get in a car and
drive cross county again:)
CuppaJoe (AKA Rip Van Winkle)
Mmmmm... outgassing formaldehydes & resins... mmmm....
Sounds like an ex-auto industry guy !

What most folks don't know is that in addition to passing a "tailpipe test" new cars must a "shed test".

The car "soaked" at about 78 degrees for 24 hours and then placed in a sealed box ("shed") and the "emissions" of the non-running car are measured. The test was originally designed to see how much gasoline vapor was leaking from the tank and fuel system.

What was discovered in the 70's was that the outgasing of vinyls in the interior (and don't forget those cool vinyl roofs back then :cool: ) actually release more hydrocarbons then the gasoline vapor seeping from the tank !
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