"Forecaster" program - any opinions?

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May 13, 2007
From a number of previous posts, I have the impression that many here project their withdrawals using spreadsheets of their own making. Myself, I'm only a small step above novice in Excel skills, so the projections I have built are of very limited complexity.

Firecalc, of course, was a great find in many ways, but it doesn't do everything...

Here's a link to a freeware program I recently came across that does quite a few of the more complex withdrawal calculations after you enter in your assumptions: Forecaster - Retirement And Estate Planning

I have played around with it a bit. I particularly like the way that each income category and account balance is presented year by year in both tabular and graphic formats. Also, for me, this program was a more efficient way to model and review the details of various withdrawal schemes that would otherwise require the programming many, many spreadsheet formulas.

Nothing much turned up here on ER.org when I searched on "Forecaster", however, so I'm unsure on whether to rely on the results. Any experiences or opinions on the program? What are its pros and cons?
Well I just played around with it. At initial blush, it looks robust, but I'd have to compare results to Firecalc and ORP. It has some interesting features.

I had not heard of this until you mentioned it.

-- Rita
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