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Nov 17, 2015
Please have another read of the community rules (found at the bottom of every page). And, in particular, the 2nd paragraph:

Friends don't always agree on everything or even on most things. They can agree to disagree. When that happens, they try to keep their discussions logical and free from name calling and so forth, or more often they just spend their time on other topics. They don't take every opportunity to express their disagreement, incite argument, insult each other, and fan flames. When they are incapable of avoiding this sort of thing, they become much more disruptive than welcome.

The intent of that paragraph is "don't be a jerk", simple, right?

Most members know well enough to avoid certain topics, or recognize inappropriate posting from others, but some apparently don't appreciate how impolite their own comments can be.

Too often lately, discussions become disagreeable arguments with insults and snark. Threads are here for everyone to chat, not to be won. Many of you have backed away from a thread because of a handful of posters derailed it. Many threads require moderator intervention for such behavior.

The moderator team, members and volunteers, are simply unable to read every post. The fact that a disagreeable post has not yet been removed or edited is not an endorsement by the moderators. So please use the "report post" function to draw our attention to the problem rather than duking it out in the thread.

Of course, after review, we don't remove or edit every reported post, so feel free to use the "ignore" button on any thread or member if needed.

Please help us keep this community a pleasant resource for everyone.
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