Force a line break in a message?


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Aug 5, 2011
West of the Mississippi
How do I force this forum to put in a blank like so I can seperate paragraphs and make for easier reading? Right now I would like a blank line between the previous sentence and this one, but I can't get it. Hitting ENTER and skipping a line when I type this message does NOT produce a blank like when I see it.
Hitting the Return key twice works for me.
Try going into the User CP, then Edit Options, and scroll down to Miscellaneous and see what kind of editor you're using.
Hitting the Return key twice works for me.
Right, except my last few keyboards have this key labeled "Enter" rather than "Return".

Most likely, you can start a new paragraph with the Enter/Return key. If you also want a blank line before your new paragraph, you can hit Enter/Return a second time to add an empty paragraph, which will be displayed as a blank line between paragraphs.
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